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At Heaven on Earth Herbals TM we believe in the holistic approach to health and encourage our customers to seek a range of therapies and treatments in order to optain optimum balance for mind, body and spiritual health. We know our limitations and believe that complete healing comes to the collective through the collective. We care about the whole you!

Therefore here we want to provide you with recommended qualified professionals to help with a variety of needs. We are continually updating this list of professional recommendations all the time and below is a list of professional practitioners across a wide variety of healthcare disciplines that can help you to accomplish health. if you require further information regarding the practitioners or treatements recommended, please do not hesitate to contact us:


Herbalism -an ancient profession using herbs and foods to assist the body. Helping a variety of heath conditions including digestive complaints, hormonal issues, female health, male health, chronic and acute problems. Contact: +357 99993412 to book

Iridology -a fantastic tool of analysing change and signs in the iris to decifer possible disease manifestations and implications to health. with this knowledge one is better informed as to the areas of mental, emotional and physical health taht need attention in orde to prevent future ill health manifestations. Contact: +357 99993412 to book

Naturopath -the holistic hippocratic approach to treatng the whole person, including dietary advice, lifestye changes, herbs, nutrition, detoxification, and more. Naturopaths follow the hippocratic oath of educating their patients in the their own holistic healthcare. Contact: +357 99993412 to book

Nutritionist – ‘let food be they medicine, and medicine be thy food’ to quote hippocrates. Nutrition is the foundation of physical health as we are what we eat. The human body is a fine balance of nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Through foods and supplementation we can ensure equilibrium and prevent imbalances that can lead to preventable hormonal changes and disease manifestation. Contact: +357 99993412 to book

Osteopathy – Whole body physical assessment fof biomechanical root causes behind symptoms. Aiding recovery and tissue healing by re-instating balance in the whole organism. ‘if it can move, it can take care of itself’. For structural realignment and physical healing. Contact +357 96425879