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Caroline Evans ND, MH, MAMH, MBANT, BA (Hons) has been working in the Complementary medicine field for over 15 years. She is a fully trained practitioner of Herbal medicine, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Holistic and Behavioral Iridology. Originally based in the herb garden, Pano Akourdaelia, Cyprus, her work now takes her overseas.

In her work with clients she draws from her training in naturopathy and nutrition together with her depth of personal and professional experience in herbal medicine, psychology and self-development work. Her evolution as a practitioner has seen her move from being a naturopath and herbalist towards becoming a medical healer. Her focus is to provide patients with a framework in which to help them transform or heal themselves. She works with patients using a variety of tools including iris reading (iridology), face, tongue and pulse diagnosis as well as kinesiology and modern diagnostic tools. The work she does is often extremely subtle and profound, working at a depth seeking to bring about change and balance at the deepest level of your being. She believes strongly, “Your health is your greatest wealth” and educates and guides her patients to achieve this.

Here’s what some patients have said about Caroline and her treatments:

“Caroline is the perfect practitioner – one consultation and you know you are on the road to health”. Thelma Rowe, Business Analyst, London.

“Caroline has brought the awareness of good eating and nutrition into my life. I feel the benefits of her advice and appreciate her friendliness and kindness and would recommend her knowledge in her field to anyone.” Anne D, Facilitator, Limassol.

“I’ve suffered with my condition for over 8 years and have the scars to prove it. Now for the first time, I have taken no medication and only the recommendations of Caroline’s advice. It works and I am the proof!” Sally Stratton, Retired, Peyia.

“My mother suffered high cholesterol. In less that one month of treatment, her cholesterol levels lowered dramatically. The health protocol worked unbelievably well and quickly. Thank you!” Petros, Limassol.

Clients who have worked with Caroline have found that they have learned a great deal about their own bodies; have optimised their health; gained more energy; have healthier digestive function, increased absorption and feel much happier about and within themselves. This program is suitable for anyone to follow.

If you care about your health, then you will discover the benefits of knowing your body better. An initial 1 and 1/2 hour consultation is available on request, followed by monthly follow-up sessions, if at all required.

Contact: to make an appointment. Cancellation fees apply if cancelling within 12 hours. Please keep your appointment or give notice so your space can be filled by other people.

Your Health is in Your Greatest Wealth

 As Thomas Edison succinctly put it:

“the doctor of the future will give no medicine (drugs), raher interest their patients in the care of the human frame through lifestyle (exercise) and diet (nutrition), and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

Contact us to book an appointment:

What is an Herbalist?

Someone who is trained to use, prescribe and administer herbs as methods of treatment in order to affect changes on a persons physical, mental, emotional health. An herbalist is trained to know when and when not to use herbs for certian individuals and takes great care on prescribing herbs to patients already taking pharmaceuticals and supplements. An herbalist through the use of herbs supports the patients body to become stronger assisting the body’s natural process of healing itself.

What is a Nutrition consultant?

Someone who is trained to know about food and healthy eating habits and how these can be utilised to obtain optimum health and wellness.

What is a Naturopath?

Someone who is a student of Hippocrates, ie they educate their patients on healthy lifestyle and how through a number of techniques including cleansing, diet, hydrotherapy, homeopathy and lifestyle advice to bring about homeostasis in the body



We see patients online, via FaceTime, type, WhatsApp, Viber or messenger, contact us to book an appointment: