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Irritable Bowel Syndrome – a real pain in the gut

Irritable Bowel Syndrome -a real pain in the gut- Irritable Bowel Syndrone (IBS), also called ‘spastic colon’ and ‘mucous colitis’ is a functional problem with the colon which means that there is no structural damage to the colon and that due to a multitude of reasons the colon stops functioning effectively. IBS affects over 15%…

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Stress – The 20th Century Disease

Stress -The 20th Century disease- To be alive is to be under a certain amount of stress. It is needed by all who wish to do their best. Yet, this all too common state of being ‘stressed out’ is recognized in medical research studies as being the major factor in high blood pressure, heart attacks,…

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Prostate Health – that old chestnut

Men’s Health – That Old Chestnut -the Prostate – In modern health, all men seem to hear about are prostate problems. Many have been suffering in silence from a disease that has largely been ignored by the medical community. The prostate is a chestnut sized gland sitting behind the urethra, which plays an important role…

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Osteoporosis – brittle bone disease

-Osteoporosis- Brittle Bone Disease Osteoporosis literally means ‘porous bones’. Translated from the Greek ‘osteon’, bone; ‘poros’, passage and ‘osis’, condition. It is characterized as a disorder of ‘abnormal rarefaction of bone’, occurring mostly in postmenopausal women, in sedentary, immobilized individuals and in patients on long-term steroid medications. Our bones are made of a thick outer…

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Cholelithiasis (Gall Stones)

– Cholelithiasis (Gall Stones) – If you can clean the organ – don’t’ remove it! Many of us are not aware of the importance of the gallbladder and its function within our bodies. The Gall bladder works alongside the Liver filtering the blood, producing bile and digesting fats within the body. Having our gall bladder…

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Diabetes -Blood Sugar Balancing Act

Diabetes Mellitus – Blood Sugar Balancing Act- Diabetes Mellitus is an all too common complex disorder of carbohydrate metabolism. Characterised by hyperglycemia (elevated blood sugar levels) and glycosuria (sugar in the urine), it results from inadequate production of insulin. The direct cause is failure of beta cells in the pancreas to secrete an adequate amount…

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