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Cholesterol – Is it such a bad thing?

Cholesterol – Is it such a bad thing? – Most people these days either suffer from or know someone who suffers with high cholesterol. Here we attempt to decipher the facts about good and bad cholesterol and the overall effects on the body. Cholesterol is a porridge-like substance which is a fat-soluble crystalline steroid alcohol…

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Asthma – Allergenic or environmental?

Asthma – Allergenic or environmental?– ‘Azma’ is the Greek word for panting. Asthma is a respiratory disorder characterized by recurring episodes of paroxysmal (sudden spasms) dyspnoea (air hunger), accompanied by wheezing on expiration and/or inspiration. This is caused by constriction of the bronchi, coughing, and a swelling of bronchial secretions or mucous membranes. Bronchial asthma…

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Menopause – ‘The Dreaded Change’

Menopause – ‘The Dreaded Change’– Some women speak of ‘the menopause’ with a worried tone laced in dread of the hot flushes, uncontrollable mood swings and dwindling sexual desires. This is the most ominous moment is a woman’s life, the defining inevitability that comes with being a woman. At some stage, the menopause will present…

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Candida – the yeast infection

Candida is a common disorder that has caused much controversy in the medical industry. The orthodox medical profession denies its existence, except in very limited cases, making it very difficult to get a medical diagnosis of Candida even when an overgrowth has been confirmed by a laboratory test. Despite this situation, public awareness of Candida…

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Spring Cleaning – its time to detox!!

– Spring Cleaning – It’s Time to Detox!! Spring is beginning again in Cyprus. Nature is as its best – with the buds of the new starting to bloom with fresh vigor. A time also to begin putting away our heavy winter coats in exchange for our lighter more summery clothes. So can be said…

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Cold Sores ~Herpes Simplex~

Cold Sores ~Herpes Simplex~ ‘Herpes’ comes from the Greek word herpein meaning ‘to creep’. Herpes is a recurrent viral infection of the skin characterized by single or multiple clusters of small vesicles frequently occurring on the mouth (herpes gingivostomatitis), lips (herpes labialis), genitals (herpes genitalis) and conjunctive and cornea (herpes keratoconjunctivitis) amongst others. These small…

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Kidney Stones ~Nephrolithiasis~

Kidney Stones ~Nephrolithiasis~ Kidney Stones are stones that form in the tissues of the Kidneys or the draining structures of the Urinary Tract. Also known as: Renal Calculi, Renal Stone Disease or Nephrolithiasis/Urolithiasis. Kidney stones (calculi) are hardened mineral deposits that form in the kidneys. They are comprised of various combinations of Calcium and Oxalic…

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Arthritis – Inevitability of Getting Older, or Not?

According to Dr. Robert Bingham, a specialist in the treatment of arthritis, ‘No person who is in good nutritional health develops rheumatoid or osteoarthritis’. Yet at the age of sixty, nine in every ten people have it. For all of them it means living with extreme pain and stiffness. The occurrence of arthritis is an…

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Depression -The Hidden Menace

Psychologists have historically battled with doctors as to the importance of their profession and its sufferers. It is easier to treat a disease that can be visibly seen than one that appears ‘simply in your head’. One such psychologist suggested those sufferers of so-called ’mental disorders’ should wear a bandage around their heads to show…

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Essential Oil & Massage – Toxicity and Contraindications

Essential Oils & Massage -Toxicity and contra-indications- Today, we are all aware of the use of essential oils in massage. However due to the popularity of essential oils and massage it seems that everyone is suddenly an expert or ‘couch professional’. Many people who have not undergone professional training in the use of these potentially…

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