Cyprus Flower Essences

HEAVEN ON EARTH HERBALS ESSENCES (Formerlybut still known as The Cyprus Flower Essences) were created 10 years ago to suit the emotional climate of Cyprus. Currently we have 2 ranges: Life Management essences and Spiritual seeker essences as well as our Give up Smoking and Relationship blends. One can either take a single essence or check the list and if more than one fits your current emotional state, email us and we will make you up a personalised blend.

orchis italica

picture of Orchis italic. See our reflection in nature!

1. LIFE MANAGEMENT SERIES                                                                                                                              For the day-to-day up’s and down’s of human existence.                                                                                            ~Take 7 drops under the tongue as and when you need it~

Adonis annua: Vanity. Excessive concern with outward appearance of self and others. Obsession with physical beauty.
Allium neapolitanum: Self-consciousness & embarrassment. Feels ashamed. Tendency to blush and struggle for words in public.
Anchusa hybrid: Self-sacrificing for others to the point of self-destructiveness and self sabotage. Beliefs that only through self-sacrifice will you be worthy of receiving love.
Anemone blanda: Impulsiveness and changeability of mood. Haste and hurry. Stressed about time yet often late.
Asteriscus aquaticus. Tongue-tied. Bursting with thoughts and feelings but unable to find the words to express them.
Bosea cypria. Deep, black despondency and depression. Loss of will to live, finding no joy in your heart. Gloominess.
Brugmansia suaveolens: Addictive personality. Over-dependency on anything or one. Prep. for giving-up smoking.
Celtis australis: Lacking any assertiveness, often suppressing one’s own will and desires to try to please others. Self-effacing. Constantly seeking approval from others.
Cistus creticus: Low self-esteem. Very self-critical over small failures. Feelings of worthlessness and uselessness.
Crithmum maritimum: Pessimism about ability to overcome difficulties in fulfilling a potential, magnifying obstacles. Feeling external constraints, whereas true constraints are self-imposed.
Cupressus sempervirens: Grief & depression from bereavement, a relationship break-up or general loss 
Gladiolus italicus: Stubbornness and rigidity of views. Not listening to others through certainty of being right. Fundamentalism or political extremism. Being physically stiff.
Gynandiris sisyrinchium: Irrational fears and phobias. Sense of impending doom or death being just around the corner.
Matthiola incana: Anxiety and worry. Feeling down about things getting on top of you. Wanting it all to go away.
Muscari comosum: Low sexual confidence. Frustration. Loneliness. Doubt of meeting the right partner. Seeing past relationships in an unrealistic light. Unable to let go of the past, thus preventing growth
Orchis italic: Exaggerated, irrational anger, at self, others or the world in general. Tendency towards rage and violence.
Picris altissima: Deep-seated fear of rejection by another (or others). Holding-back from social or romantic encounters even when they are clearly positive in nature.
Rhamnus oleoides. “Bear with a sore head”. Snaps angrily with no provocation. Prickly and defensive like a porcupine.
Reseda lutea. Lovesickness & broken heart, like pain. Betrayal & disappointment. Emotionally unbalanced. Seeks approval.        
Romulea ramiflora. Jealousy in all its forms (especially sexual), ranging from “normal” to deeply paranoid, suspicious obsession.
Sinapis arvensis. Exaggerated sense of injustice (with how life treats you). Dissatisfaction with everything, carping & complaining.
Verbena officinalis. Chaotic thoughts and emotions resulting in anxiety and loss of focus. Untidiness in surroundings.