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Heaven On Earth Herbals produce, supply and promote natural nutrition through the use of plants and food to heal the body inside and out.

We believe the key to our work is re-educating people of the many healing gifts of Nature. So much of this close relationship with Nature has been lost over the generations. In order to obtain homeostasis within the body this connection needs to be rekindled and we endeavour to assist in this process.

Health starts with education – of the self and of nature. These are, in essence, the same. They are totally intertwined. When we understand our own make-up, we begin to see our fundamental and complete connection with nature. Through the knowledge of this connection, we can begin to put this understanding into wise practice. This is not ‘fairy’ talk but real life positive practical health care. Working with, and not against, the rhythms of our own Nature, we will fundamentally bring about balance within our Mind and Body & let our Spirit soar.

We respect Nature in all her forms. We promote environmental awareness, and responsibility.


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APRIL 2011 in the Cyprus Weekly
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SEPTEMBER 2010 in the Sunday Mail:

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