About Us


Heaven on Earth Herbals is an herbal health business encomcontinual workpassing education, herbal products, herb garden and healthy coffee/tea shop. We have recently relocated overseas after successfully setting up the herbal gardens in the traditional Cypriot village of Pano Akourdaelia. The business was set up as an educational herbal health business, whereby people could come and learn about herbs of Cyprus and how they can affect health. Currently we are amending the website to incorporate online consultations and our much loved traditional herbal dispensary. At Heaven on Earth Herbals we produce and source the highest quality sustainable herbs for health. We collect, harvest and hand-pick some of our herbal friends as ingredients in health formulas, preserving the tradition in herbal medicine.

Set up by Caroline Evans ND MH, Herbalist, Naturopath and Nutrition consultant to produce potent herbs to assist her patients to achieve a healthier state of awareness both physically and mentally. Caroline’s work with clients has proved to her how unique we are & how important it is to work with people individually to obtain optimum health.

Caroline educates her patients in how to obtain and maintain long-term wellness. Caroline works as a guide with her patients showing them how to take care of themselves and how ailments can be improved with good nutrition and lifestyle changes. With the use of iridology amongst other tools, Caroline shows how the individual expresses their levels of wellness in differing ways. Caroline teaches her patients to learn to listen and understand their bodies and its many signs as a means of preventing illness.

Heaven on Earth Herbals make it their mission to source and produce the best herbs for you and your health. We want you to enjoy interacting with Nature as you enjoy interacting and learning about your own Nature through the use of herbs. We love what we do, and endeavour to continue to promote and respect nature and her wondrous healing gifts!

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